Wimbledon Weekend 2017

Wimbledon Weekend 2017

The Badger, The Mouse, The Dog and the 50 Perran Tennis Members

Once again Wimbledon is upon us, and it’s time for our annual Perran Tennis Wimbledon event.

The day started with the grand setup of our new Gazebo. After 15 mins of reading the manual, and with help from Lynn Sturch and Dave Pell, it was completed in no time, and we now have 2 fully trained Gazebo specialists for all our future events.

Round one began as the sun come out to play. After 2 games, down the track came a Badger, being chased by a dog. Frazier was the first off the court, and was running down the track like Usain Bolt. Luckily the badger was not caught, and the games continued in full swing.

At a nice pace of 2 rounds an hour, the games were running smoothly, as well as some excellent play all round for the 24 players.

For round three, Mr Pippin took great pleasure in calling for some new balls, and they were provided for the final 3 games.

The running of the matches and setting up of the courts would not have run so well without the guidance of; Maddison Pippin, Samuel Legg, Matty Legg, Georgie Luscombe and Sian McDermount. The junior members were fantastic, and their contribution played a massive factor in the overall success of the day.

During the fourth game, court four had a visitor. A field mouse, who was darting around the court. Investigators suggest that the mouse’s friends had egged him into attempting to ruin the day, but his attempts did not succeed, and the games continued as usual. After 6 rounds of Tennis, we had our four finalists. 

Men –  Paul Taylor, Oliver Walker

Female – Jane Higgs, Sue Nichols

The teams were set.

Paul Taylor/Sue Nichols vs Oliver Walker/Jan Higgs

The first two matches were very close. Paul and Sue had managed to take the first two games. Oliver and Jan gave brilliant performances and gathered momentum, managing to pull it back to 2-2. The crowd had gotten what they wanted, a tiebreaker.

The tiebreaker began, and set off in the favour of Oliver and Jan, who lead 3-2.  We would soon have an extra member on the courts. as Jan’s dog had managed to escape her lead, making haste for the finals court during a critical point. The official final empire, Alison Legg, determined the point to be replayed. Paul and Sue won it for what they thought was the second time and we were 3 -3.

Sue and Paul managed to take the lead over next few points, and we were at 5-4, then 6-4 to them and they were at match point.  Sue and Paul seized this opportunity, and they were crowned the winners of this year’s Wimbledon event, with brilliant performances from both players.

The Winners Wimbledon plate was presented to this year’s winners Sue and Paul, as well as medals to our runners up, Oliver and Jan.

Carol Pippin took pleasure in taking photos for the event, as well as providing a video documentation of the events that unfolded, which will be on the Perran website.
Robert Pippin, thanked all the helpers for their hard work and contribution, as well as thanking the members for taking part in the tournament.

Lisa Pippin lead a team of ladies that helped create the food. Lisa, Alison Legg, Trina Luscombe, Carol Pippin and Pat Hyde all had a major contribution to what can only be described as a “Wimbledon Feast”. The feast included; sandwiches, exotic cakes, homemade scones, and delicious fresh strawberries with roddas cream, which was served alongside ice cold pimms.

With the aid of the sun and everyone that helped make the day a success, that’s Perran Wimbledon complete for 2017, with just the 2017 raffle to be completed on finals day.