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Lloyd Stevens, Professional Tournament Racket Stringer and Racket Technician

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“ Strings are the Heart and Soul of the Racket”

I’ve been stringing Tennis, Squash, and Badminton rackets for over twelve years and  I’m based in Truro and I’ve strung at tournaments throughout the UK. I am one of the few stringers to have been trained by a former Head Stringer of Wimbledon for 11 years. I provide all my customers with the same level of quality and service as I give to professional players. I’m a member of the United Kingdom Racquet Stringers Association and the United States Racquet Stringers Association. By being a member of these associations means that I have all the technical background to deal with all racket frames in every scenario. I am also at this moment studying for the Master Racquet Technician qualification, the highest stringing qualification there is.

Whilst I specialise in Tennis, I offer full Badminton, and Squash restring services. Just click on the Tennis, Squash, or Badminton links on my website,, to find out the various strings I have in stock but if I don’t have the string you like I can most likely source it for you.

All my restrings are carried out on my Wilson Baiardo electronic stringing machine as used at the United States Open Tennis Championships by the Wilson Stringing Team assuring you of accurate tension every time. This machine is one of the best in the world, and can give a tension point  to 0.1lb, giving unequalled accuracy and consistency.

I am able to turn rackets round in 2 days if I have the string in stock but please add another day if I have to source your string so you won’t be without your favourite racket for more than a few days. An Express Turnaround Service is also available but this may incur an extra charge as well as a pick up and delivery service. I will also string your racket if you supply the string.

All rackets are throughly cleaned following Covid guidelines. I then perform a grommet inspection. A new overgrip is fitted to your racket handle after stringing. Your racquet will be returned to you fully stencilled and in a bio-degradable clear bag.

I run a loyalty scheme and a referral scheme where your next restring will be half price with every successful referral.

The String

Strings I stock and there up and downsides:

Synthetic Gut

Offers All-around playability, Good Value, Ideal for beginners

Upsides are Economically Priced, Good all -round choice.

Downsides are Average performance and playability, Not extraordinary in any category.


Comfort, Power and Feel

Upsides are Good Playability, Wide range of products, Good on the Arm, Good Tension Maintenance, Closest thing to Natural Gut.

Downsides are Less Control orientation, Some can feel mushy, Not durable for big hitters.

Natural Gut

Maximum Comfort, Power, Feel, Tension Maintenance

Upsides are Optimum Playability, Best for Tension Maintenance, Good for Arm Problems, Remains playable at high tensions.

Downsides are it’s very expensive and does not like damp conditions.


Maximum Control, Spin, Durability

Upsides are Durability, Lots of Control, Lots of Spin.

Downsides are Low Powered, Can give Arm Problems, Loses tension very fast.

String Information

String Gauge

Thinner strings start at 1.10mm and will provide more power and spin.

Thicker strings finish 1.40mm and will give you more control and durability.


Higher tensions give more control

Lower tensions give more power.

When to re-string

The normal rule is you should re-string in a year the amount of times you play in a week. So, if you play fives times a week you should re-string five times a year.

I look forward to discussing your stringing needs with you and I would be happy to answer any questions you have so please email me at