Club Development

Perran Tennis – a journey of transformation

In 2011 the Club was facing closure. With under 30 members, facilities in serious disrepair and a rundown Pavilion open to the elements and local wildlife, Perran Tennis did not present a favourable place to play tennis. As the brambles continued to take over the stop netting and with the lease at an end, the Parish Council considered turning the site into a car park or multi sports facility.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new 25 year lease was secured from the Parish Council and, over the past five years, Perran Tennis has been transformed resulting in a current membership of 321.  We are now an L.T.A. Place to Play achieving Tennis Mark Status.

Project One

Project One involved major improvements. With funding of over £81,000 we were able to resurface and colour coat our three hard courts and provide floodlighting for evening play, bring power to the Pavilion,   replace nets and posts on the six grass courts and purchase necessary groundsman’s equipment.

Project Two

Project Two concentrated on the refurbishment of the interior of our Pavilion. The floor was levelled and tiled, all woodwork treated, a full insulation of the building undertaken, a new kitchen, new inside and outside loos and a meeting area constructed by our groundsman. Lighting, plumbing and hot water completed the job. The funding for this project was £10,000 with the kitchen, tiles, loos and basins generously donated.

Project Three

Project Three saw the club granted £5,000 jointly from Tennis Cornwall and the L.T.A. to allow the exterior refurbishment of the Pavilion.   Timbers were replaced and strengthened. The old roof was removed and replaced together with new guttering. Today the newly painted Pavilion stands proudly as a tribute to progress and hard work whilst still upholding the original 1914 design.

The journey continues………..


Perran Tennis – Future

An artists impression of the new pavilion


Perran Tennis Funding Programme 2014-20

Phase Description Cost Funding Status
One The provision of power to the Club House, floodlighting to the three hard courts, a token machine and necessary ground work. £46,600 Sport England
Inspired Facilities
Two The resurfacing and colour coating of the three hard courts £30,000 SITA Cornwall Trust
£3,000 from our own funds.
Three The refurbishment of the interior of the existing pavilion and attached buildings. This includes new ceilings, replacement of rotten timbers,  new floors, insulation, new units, toilets, hand basins, sinks, new guttering, new gates. £10,000 Cory £5,000
SITA Cornwall Trust £5,000
£1,000 from our own funds.
Donation of fixtures and fittings from the Kitchen and Bathroom Studio.
Four Replacing the roof and refurbishing the exterior of the pavilion. £5,000 Tennis Cornwall & L.T.A. Southwest Completed
Five The excavation, levelling and re-turfing of the six grass courts. £12,000 Tesco £8,000 & LTA Southwest £4,000 Completed with further work ongoing
Six The improvement of the general environment within and surrounding Perran Tennis. N/A In house project. Started
Seven The building of a new Club House situated in front of the middle block of courts. £250,000 Our own fund raising drive, applications to funding bodies, individuals and businesses. Fundraising to commence following the completion of phases one to four.