Perran Tennis 5th Annual Primary Schools Competition

Perran Tennis 5th Annual Primary Schools Competition

Twenty-four children from three local primary schools took to the grass courts at Perran Tennis to compete in the fifth annual primary school’s tournament. Each team comprised of six players. During three sessions of doubles play each pair competed against the similar ranked pair in each team. As usual Perranporth School entered an “A” and a “B” team with representation from Mithian and Goonhavern.

Goonhavern Champions

Play got under way with each match comprising of a tie-break set. Every encounter was keenly contested, none more so than by Mithian pair 3 and Perranporth “A” pair 3 comprising of Jowan Kerry partnered by Anna Dingle and Olly Critchley partnered by Amy Georgelin. The match, twice as long as any other concluded in a tie-break which eventually Mithian won.  After round one Goonhavern took an early lead closely followed by Perranporth “A” and Mithian. At this stage Mithian and Perranporth “A” were separated by just a single point.

Following round two Goonhavern were being chased by Perranporth “A”. Goonhavern moved ahead by five points. The final round saw Perranporth “A” go head to head with Goonhavern.  Goonhavern made a decisive move ahead to secure the title held by Mithian the previous year. The victorious Goonhavern team comprised of Jack Commons, Martha Marney, Harvey Taylor, Lydia Hawken, Albie Gosling-Brown and Connie Jones. The runners-up team of Perranporth “A” consisted of Evie Bishop-Pell, Connor McCarthy, Kyle Charman, Ellie Ansell, Ollie Critchley and Amy Georgelin.

A resounding victory for Goonhavern gaining 54 points saw second placed Perranporth “A” accumulate 32 points. Mithian scored 26 points and Perranporth “B” 18. Medals were presented by Dave Pell Club President as usual.

Photograph shows the victorious Goonhavern team of Albie, Harvey, Martha, Jack, Connie and Lydia (left to right)