Perran Men’s Summer league

Perran Men’s Summer league

30/5/17  Perran Tennis v St.Agnes E

A very good evening of tennis resulting in a defeat for Perran Tennis.Both pairings of Duffin&Legg and Sanders&Gilman managed good victories over the 2nd pairings of St.Agnes,however neither could defeat the consistent play of the first pairings,resulting in a 4. 8  home defeat.

13/6/17 Falmouth B v Perran Tennis

Perran Tennis men’s team recorded their finest victory of the 2017 Summer league with a 8  3 at the League leaders Falmouth B.
Hawkins&Legg recorded victories over both the Falmouth pairing backed up by victory for Marney@Berriman.
Victory lifting the club to joint 2nd in the league.

24/6/17 Redruth C v Perran Tennis

Perran Tennis recorded a disappointing defeat away to Redruth C by 8 point to 2.
Duffin@Berriman recording the two points for Perran Tennis with Hawkins&Legg being defeated in both pairings.