Nov 2013 – Juniors v Redruth

Junior Team Perran



This Saturday saw Perran Tennis host the first junior match for two and a half decades! Redruth were the visitors for this afternoon match, being the first for the Perran players and also many of the Redruth side. The Perran team consisted of Oliver Walker, Harry Lampier, Rowan Payne, Georgia Wildgoose, Naomi and Amani Hart, Matthew Walker and Ben Bradley. It was agreed that Matthew and Ben would play yellow ball even though both players were still nine years old.

A similar mix was fielded by Redruth comprising of John Kemp, Ben Crocket, Dan Turner, Todd Callow, Chris Sharp, Lily Kneebone and Katie Rapo. The weather cold, but bright enhanced the afternoons four rounds of tennis, comprising of 12 matches of six games.

The whole afternoon was a resounding success as all matches were closely fought, many of which were drawn. Four matches were won by Perran Tennis, two by Redruth and six were drawn. Overall Perran Tennis ran out winners by a narrow margin – thirty eight games to thirty four.


Oliver Walker & Harry Lampier beat John Kemp & Ben Crocket 4.2
Georgia Wildgoose & Amani Hart drew with Dan Turner & Todd Callow 3.3
Rowan Payne & Naomi Hart drew with Lily Kneebone & Katie Rapo 3.3
Matthew Walker & Ben Bradley drew with Katie Rapo & Dan Turner 3.3
Oliver Walker & Georgia Wildgoose beat Chris Sharp & Lily Kneebone 5.1
Rowan Payne & Harry Lampier beat John Kemp & Todd Callow 4.2
Amani & Naomi Hart drew with Chris Sharp & Katie Rapo 3.3
Ben Bradley & Matthew Walker lost to Dan Turner & John Kemp 1.5
Harry Lampier & Georgia Wildgoose lost to Ben Crocket & Lily Kneebone 2.4
Ben Bradley & Matthew Walker beat Katie Rapo & Lily Kneebone 4.2
Oliver Walker & Naomi Hart drew with Todd Callow & Ben Crocket 3.3
Amani Hart & Rowan Payne drew with Dan Turner & Chris Sharp 3.3

Many parents and supporters from both Perran and Redruth enjoyed watching the junior play. It was commented how friendly and how well both teams conducted themselves on and off court. All players, parents and supporters retired to a much earned tea in the Club House. It hoped to have many more matches against Redruth and to invite their juniors to our summer events and tournaments.