Perran Hotshots

How it works!

Each junior coaching group is listed below. Individual group players gain vouchers for good work and industry etc. An emerald voucher is worth one tennis ball symbol, a sapphire voucher is worth two tennis balls and a ruby three. Once ten tennis balls have been gained these turn into a racket symbol. At the end of the term the player with the most vouchers is awarded a medal as shown with the medal symbol. Voucher totals are updated each week.

10 rackets
tennis10 tennis balls
1 racket
medalMedal Winner
1 medal

Monday Team Perran

Maddie tennistennistennistennis
Guy tennistennistennistennistennis
Byron tennistennistennis
Fergus tennistennistennistennistennis
Seb  tennistennistennistennistennis
Vasilisa tennistennistennistennistennis

Tuesday Boys Micro Hotshots

Logan tennistennistennistennis
Aidan tennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Reuben tennistennistennistennistennistennis
Will tennistennistennistennistennistennis

Tuesday Girls Micro Hotshots

Freya P tennistennistennistennistennistennis
Erin tennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Ellie tennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Siena tennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Freya C tennistennistennistennistennistennis
Nieve tennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
 Zara tennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Eva tennistennistennistennistennistennistennis

Wednesday Girls Hotshots


Thursday Micro Minis

Grace tennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Neve tennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Ivan tennistennistennistennistennistennistennis
Finlay tennistennistennistennistennistennis

Friday Mini Girls and Boys Hotshots

Oliver tennistennis
Clara tennis
Felix tennistennis
Ben tennis
Freya tennis
Sammie tennistennis
Isaac tennis




Perran Tennis

A Club for the Community

Serving both Perranporth, the wider community in Cornwall and visitors, we have six grass courts, three newly resurfaced floodlit hard courts, a historic club house built in 1914 and car parking.